Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

To Reserve Your Puppy:

  • Call 713-332-9773
  • Confirm Availability and Price of Puppy
  • Pay Non-refundable Retainage Holding Deposit of $500 for a Traditional Yorkie & $1000 for an Exotic Yorkie by Choosing One of the Following Options:
  • Request an Invoice  (Invoices and financing contracts will be cancelled after 24 hours of non-payment)
  • Schedule an Appointment to Pay In-person
  • Apply for Financing (Go to Financing Page)
  • Pay Here Online After Video Call or In-person Visit with the Puppy. Must Email Valid Identification Matching Payment Method
  • We Accept Non-Refundable Holding Deposits on Puppies Less than 6 Weeks Old. The Puppy Must Be Paid in Full When He/She Turns 6 Weeks Old.
  • Customers Must Provide a Valid I.D. for All Transactions 
  • Final Balance Has to be Paid by; Cash, Zelle Transfer, Credit Card with Valid I.D., Invoice with Valid I.D., or Financing with Valid I.D.
  • Delivery $1 per Mile Round Trip
  • Shipping via United Airline or Delta $300
  • We Do Not Accept Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards
  • We Do Not Accept Checks


Keep Your Cash. Buy What You Want.


Your Deposit Holds Your Puppy on Reserve and is Non-Refundable. All Sales are Final.