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2 Month Supply of Puppy Food

Experience why Yorkies of Houston is the gold standard in the Yorkshire Terrier breed with a free 5lb bag of Nutro Small Breed Puppy Premium Dog Food. 

While most breeders and brokers give you a sandwich bag of unknown dog food, Yorkies of Houston purchases you a full-size bag of premium dog food. 

Pet Carrier

There is no excuse not to take your puppy everywhere you go with our included pet carrier. You and your pet will travel in style.  The carrier will provide your puppy a safe and secure environment. It's made for your pet’s comfort with a removable soft fleece bed.

(Available with Full Price Puppies Only.
Available to Purchase if Not Included with Your Puppy,)

Clicker Training

Yorkies of Houston's puppies are known for their high intelligence. Speed learning up to 50% by marking the precise moment good behavior occurs with the included clicker trainer. They promote effective communication with your dog, and help you shape desired behaviors. Take the lead in your pets‘ behavior and sociability by spending a few minutes every day on clicker training.

(Available with Full Price Puppies Only.  Available to Purchase if Not Included with Your Puppy,)

Calming Blanket & Stuffed Animal with Mom’s Scent

Yorkies of Houston provides each puppy a calming blanket to ease lonelines, fear, and separation anxiety to aid in transitioning your puppy to their new home.

The stuffed animal 🧸 with the mom of your puppy‘s scent, recreates maternal intimacy with physical warmth. It also provides comfort and helps relieve anxiety in your new fur baby.(Available with Full Price Puppies Only.  Available to Purchase if Not Included with Your Puppy,)

Brush, Shampoo & Conditioner

Spend time bonding with your pet by committing to brush their hair daily. Brushing only take a few minutes but will reward you in your pet trusting you more and less money on paying additional de-tangling costs at the groomer.

Outfit & More

Take your puppy home in style with a free fashion-forward outfit styled by Amazing Paws Boutique. Yorkies of Houston customers receive an additional 20% off their first boutique order. Shop in-store or online at

 (Available with Full Price Puppies Only.  Available to Purchase if Not Included with Your Puppy,)

Free Premium Puppy Package